Praise for All Hands On Deck

“An interesting, informative and real-life look at corporate situations going off course and the opportunities that are available for the intrepid entrepreneur/leader to move forward in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds. All Hands on Deck reads like a ship’s log on a high seas adventure of adversity and triumph. It serves as a great instruction manual for dealing with stormy weather. Peter Boni captures the spirit of the risk-taker in unchartered waters. His own experiences and the stories he documents are instructive and inspiring for entrepreneurs/mangers/leaders dealing with inevitable change, adversity and yet, determined to find opportunity and move forward.”
—J. Thomas (AKA Tucker) York, Jr., Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Group

“Peter Boni has distilled his long experience and hard-won wisdom into a good read, a useful educational tool and a sensible framework for disciplined day-to-day execution. He breaks the big job of leading successfully into bite-sized chunks that any conscientious leader can execute.”
—Alfred R. Berkeley, President Emeritus, NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

“All Hands on Deck provides the reader with authentic and candid stories by inspirational leaders who have transformed businesses, nonprofits and academic organizations. A must read for those who value an introspective appraisal by leaders on their journey in navigating adversity and crises, while being humble enough to share their flaws in decision making and lessons learned.”
—Lorraine Lavet, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International

“Listen up my hardy’s, these ABC’s may very well put your team in the most favorable winds. This is all about clear principles that work in trying times –a good read. Directors would be thrilled to have these skills in their organizations.”
—Ken Daly, President & CEO, National Association of Corporate Directors

“Your best career opportunities often come out of chaos and failure. In All Hands on Deck, Peter Boni has given us the perfect playbook to recognize these opportunities and, more importantly, take advantage of them.”
—Matt Audette, CFO, eTrade

“In a thoughtful but highly readable manner, Peter makes what he has mastered over decades of achievement accessible to others. This is the go-to read for anyone who has the courage and passion to want to lead transformative change.”
—Leslie E. Mitts, Practice Director, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“With All Hands on Deck, Peter Boni has given us a timeless guide to navigating the challenges of organizational change in today’s ever more turbulent seas. He provides us with powerful reflections from six change leaders representing a broad array of settings, embeds their work and his career in an easy-to-use framework, and takes us through the critical details of execution that spell success or failure for any change effort. A must read for anyone commencing a significant change effort!”
—Len Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School, President Emeritus, Babson College

“All Hands on Deck delivers a simple, powerful, three-step process to solve the most complex of organizational challenges. If you want to know how to set your team up for successful execution, use this wonderful book as your tool!”
—Steve Chandler, author of 100 Ways to Motivate Others