About the Book

Don’t stay stuck aground for long. An adventure in “kedging off” awaits!

In providing this “how to” handbook to help current or aspiring leadership professionals, Boni has packaged his battle scars with guidance that can move their organizations out of the mud to proudly sail ahead.

A former special operations infantry officer in the U.S. Army and a decorated combat veteran, Boni earned his Rice Paddy MBA during the Vietnam War. For more than three decades since then, he has led companies in various stages of growth, maturity, trouble, and renewal—as a Fortune 500 executive, a high-tech CEO, a consultant, a director, and a venture capital/private equity investor.

Most recently as the CEO of Safeguard Scientifics (now retired), he guided this ailing company through the treacherous waters following the Internet bubble, the financial crisis, and beyond— setting it on a path of health and prosperity.

By conveying how he’s repositioned organizations that have run aground, Boni does more than tell his story and share case studies. He leads you through the ABCs to Advance— a 12-step process broken down into 3 phases that overcomes long odds and brings in recognition, rewards, and fresh career opportunities.

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