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Praise for All Hands On Deck

“An interesting, informative and real-life look at corporate situations going off course and the opportunities that are available for the intrepid entrepreneur/leader to move forward in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds. All Hands on Deck reads like a ship’s log on a high seas adventure of adversity and triumph....

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Setting the Groundwork for “All Hands on Deck:” The Book

By Peter J. Boni How do career opportunities (both at junior and senior levels) get created? One factor is an organization’s growth; that’s when a need for new skills and talent emerges. Another is attrition due to promotions, moves, or perhaps a new boss installing a loyal team. The...

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CEO Advancement: Don’t Buy the Old Formula

Christian Stadler’s March 12th article, How to Become a CEO, advocates the conventional, old-school route to the top job: Study engineering or finance, go to a top B-school, work for a top consulting company, have a top boss, work for a top company, yada yada. This is typical...

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